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UAE Golden Visa: What Is It? How To Get? Complete Guide

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Several people in the UAE have been granted a special visa known as a golden visa since 2019. This visa can be used for 10 years and this visa is awarded to those persons who have done great things for the country like who have essential skills, or who work in regions which help the economy. It’s cool! But if we move our eyes to see the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, we’ll come to know that there are more than 150,000 golden visas issued in Dubai in November. These visas have been awarded to a range of persons, including brilliant learners who succeeded in their examinations and medical professionals who bravely worked during the Covid-19 outbreak. Even famous people and important business leaders got golden visas. The process to apply for a golden visa is not the same as applying for a regular residency permit.

Let’s discuss everything in detail!

What Exactly Are Golden Visas?

Golden visas are unique authorizations that allow foreign nationals to live, work, and study in the UAE. They don’t require a local sponsor for these visas, and they can own 100% of their company on the UAE mainland. These visas are valid for ten years, and if the applicant continues to satisfy the requirements, they may extend it for another ten years when the time comes.  This is different from regular expatriate workers who usually have to renew their visas every two to three years. Moreover, It’s important to know that getting a golden visa is not the same as becoming a citizen of the UAE. Citizenship is only given to people chosen by the government or royal court officials.

Who Is Qualified For A Golden Visa?

Golden visas are similar to special permissions issued to certain types of people. These include investors, entrepreneurs, intelligent personalities, scientists, and brilliant students who showed educational promise. Important Emiratis or government organizations can suggest persons for golden visas. People can also apply for them on their own online at times. To make things clear. Let’s take an example, if someone invests between Dh1 million and Dh2 million on property, they have a variety of options. As a result, if a person gets a golden visa, their partner or kids may apply for one as well.

How Do The Authorities Select Who Is Qualified For A Golden Visa?

Certain people are qualified to apply for a special 10-year visa in the UAE. The two main groups are as follows:

People having a lot of money: 

  • This visa is available if you invest at least Dh10 million in the nation.
  • Your investment could take on several forms:
  • Put at least Dh10 million into a local investment fund.
  • Create a corporation in the UAE with a minimum capital of Dh10 million.
  • Join an existing or new company with a minimum share value of Dh10 million.
  • Have a total investment of at least Dh10 million in all of these areas, with at least 60% of the investment going into non-real estate industries.
  • Your partner, children, one executive director, and one adviser are all authorized by the golden visa. Business partners are welcome, but each must contribute Dh10 million.

People Having a unique skills:

  • This group consists of persons from science, such as physicians and scientists, as well as those from culture and art.
  • You can apply if you have a PhD or a patent, however there are strict requirements listed on the UAE government page.
  • All applicants must also have a valid job contract in the UAE in a specific field.

How Can You Get A Golden Visa?

Let’s discuss things in a simple way! Here’s what you need to do if you want a golden visa In UAE: 

  • Go to the website of the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).
  • Look for the section about golden visa services.
  • If you meet the eligibility requirements but have not yet been nominated, go to “Visa – Golden Visa – Nomination Request For Golden Residence – New Request.”
  • Fill out the online form with your personal information and select the category you believe you are eligible for.
  • Make sure you have your Unified Identification Number (UID), which is a six-digit number issued to everyone who enters the UAE.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai has established a new squad called “You are Special” to assist with golden visa applications. You can use this service online or by calling 800 5111.


Well as we discussed everything you need to know about the golden visa in UAE. Overall, this visa can have the ability to provide long term citizenship for the persons including investors, passionate students and researchers who match the specific requirements. So, if any of you are interested in applying for a golden dubai visa online. All you need to do is to first gather all the authorized documents of your’s and then simply apply. That’s it!

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