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UAE passes new regulations for medical personnel

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UAE passes new regulations for medical personnel
UAE passes new regulations for medical personnel

According to state news outlet WAM, the UAE Government has adopted a number of federal decrees and modifications that govern healthcare professions, healthcare providers, and veterinary medicine.

Several healthcare professions, including nursing, labs, medical physics, functional therapy, physiotherapy, aesthetics, anesthesia, audiology, and radiology are among those for which the new legislation are intended to regulate the activity of non-doctors and pharmacists.

The changes toughen up the penalty for professionals who operate their businesses without a license and those who don’t adhere to the rules.

In addition to revising the disciplinary punishments in cases where infractions are committed, the law and amendments to the rules outline various medical ethics and professional conducts for health professionals working in the UAE.

A national medical register for the nation’s professionals is one of the modifications.

According to the legislation, no one is permitted to practice as a health practitioner unless they have been granted authorization by the relevant healthcare authority.

A bachelor’s degree or a health professional certificate that is recognized in the nation is required to obtain a healthcare license in the UAE.

Similar requirements apply to health practitioners, who must also be morally upright and in good physical and mental condition.

According to the law, healthcare professionals must carry out their obligations with the accuracy and dependability demanded by the field, in accordance with generally acknowledged scientific and technological standards, and in a manner consistent with the profession’s dignity and honor.

For healthcare practitioners, the Ministry of Health and Prevention will establish a national medical registration. Additionally, emirate-level health authorities will establish personal registries connected to the national registration.

penalties for practicing medicine without a license
According to the UAE, engaging in healthcare practice without a license and without fulfilling the requirements to do so is punishable by a fine of between Dh50,000 and Dh100,000.

Uae passes new regulations for medical personnel
Uae passes new regulations for medical personnel

Similar to this, anyone who engages in practice without a license but meets the requirements to do so will be subject to a fine of not less than Dh10,000 and not more than Dh100,000.

The law was changed to include new penalties for non-serious offenses committed at healthcare facilities that do not result in the facility’s temporary closure or the suspension of its director, operator, administration, or staff.

In cases where the director, manager, administration, or staff of a healthcare facility violates the law, the updated penalties and fines include a written warning, a fine of not less than Dhs1,000 and not more than Dhs500,000, and a temporary suspension of the license to practice the profession for less than six months.

Additionally, private healthcare institutions that break the legislation risk having their entire or partial operation temporarily shut down for a period of no longer than six months, or a fine of not less than Dh1,000 and not more than Dh1m.

The legislation modifications update the level of experience necessary for Emirati veterinarians and fresh graduates to pursue the profession in order to streamline licensing procedures and give functional skills to veterinary facilities in the nation.

Veterinarians and medical professionals who receive assistance are exempt from some expenses. To increase foreign direct investments in the veterinary industry, the new regulations permit foreign investors to set up and own veterinary facilities in the UAE.

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