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UAE Passport Ranks 12th: Big Success in Global Tourism

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UAE Passport Ranks 12th Globally
UAE citizens can enter 179 countries without a visa ranking their passport as the 12th most powerful in the world

The UAE’s passport has become really powerful and is now the 12th best in the world, according to the Henley Passport Index. This means a lot more than just a higher rank. It’s a big deal for people from the UAE because they can now travel easily to 179 countries without needing a visa. This passport is the best one among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. In this article, we’re going to discuss how the UAE’s passport got so good, what this means, and what could happen in the future with travel in the GCC.

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How Has the UAE Passport Improved in Global Rankings?

It’s amazing how much the UAE passport has improved over the years. It is now the 12th-most valuable passport in the world. It has risen three spots since July 2022, showing that things are getting better. Now, UAE citizens can visit 179 countries without a visa. This growth shows that the UAE is becoming more important on the world stage and that its people are traveling around the world more. These numbers come from the Henley Passport Index, which shows that UAE passport users now have a lot more travel freedom. This shows the country’s political success and ability to connect with the rest of the world.

What exactly made the UAE’s passports so strong?

There are several reasons why the UAE’s passports are so strong. The UAE has moved up 44 spots in the Henley Passport Index over the last ten years, adding 107 visa-free locations. This amazing growth—almost twice as fast as countries like Colombia—shows how well the UAE is doing with its diplomacy efforts and relationships with other countries. The UAE is working hard to improve its global footprint and build strong two-way ties with countries all over the world. The significant increase in visa-free travel is evidence of this. This coordinated effort has not only raised the UAE’s place in the world rankings, but it has also made it easier for its people to move.

How Does the UAE’s Passport Compare with Other GCC Countries?

The UAE passport is the strongest in the GCC. Qatar’s passport is the second-strongest in the region and the 52nd-best in the world. This comparison shows how different the GCC countries are when it comes to how easy it is to move. After Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia come in order. The UAE is in first place because of its outstanding political successes and ability to connect with people around the world. Different GCC countries have different passport strengths, which shows how different their foreign policies and relationships with other countries are. The UAE sets the standard for passport strength in the area.

What does a GCC visa that works like a Schengen visa mean?

The suggested Schengen-style pass for the GCC countries is meant to make it easier for people to move within the area. If this plan is put into action, visa policies would have to be coordinated more closely across the GCC. This could make the countries in the GCC more open to foreigners. Moving in this direction would be a step toward stronger regional unity and could make the GCC more visible on the world stage. It would make it easy for tourists and people of the GCC to move around, which would boost business and tourism. In the same way that the Schengen Area has helped people, this visa system could also help people in the Gulf area share goods and ideas.


The UAE’s amazing rise in the global passport rankings shows how its international impact is growing and how its people can travel more easily. The country’s planned political measures have made it much easier to move, which is an example for the rest of the GCC. A Schengen-style visa could change the way people move even more in the Gulf area, making the region stronger and more visible around the world. 

These changes show that the UAE wants to improve its foreign image, connect with people around the world, and give its citizens and the region new opportunities.

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