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UAE residents : Stunning celestial spectacle to be seen

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UAE residents Stunning celestial spectacle to be seen
UAE residents Stunning celestial spectacle to be seen

This weekend, be ready to be mesmerized by a celestial display. This week, the Perseids Meteor Shower—one of the most spectacular yearly meteor displays—is occurring, and UAE citizens will be able to see the meteors with the naked eye on both Saturday and Sunday.

The peak of the 2023 Perseid meteor shower will occur on August 12 and 13, according to the Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG). This year’s Perseid meteor shower is predicted to produce up to 100 meteors per hour from a dark location. This year, it reaches its peak just before the new Moon, which means the skies will be exceptionally black and perfect for viewing.

The comet Swift-Tuttle’s debris generates a stunning display of shooting stars as it streaks across the sky when the Earth passes through it. Rock and ice fragments were left behind by the comet after its 1992 closest approach to Earth. The largest object known to periodically fly by Earth is Comet Swift-Tuttle, which will next be in close proximity to us in 2126.

Residents have been encouraged to travel to the darkest area possible in order to watch the Perseids as best as possible. Anyone interested in viewing the spectacle won’t require any telescopes or binoculars, according to the DAG. However, it’s crucial to arrive early and give them around 30 minutes to become used to the dark. Sky observers have been advised to prepare for the event while considering the heat and humidity.


On August 12, the DAG will hold a unique event in Dubai’s Al Awir Desert. On August 12, the event will begin at 10 p.m. and is anticipated to last until at least 3 a.m. Astrophotography sessions, Jupiter, Saturn, and deep-sky object telescope exposures, all for a price starting at Dh200, are included.

This year, inhabitants of the UAE have been able to see a number of celestial displays. A spectacular meteor shower was created in June thanks to the June Bootod meteor. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars were all lined up in a narrow area of the sky in March, along with Mercury. Residents of the UAE also had the exceptional opportunity to view Comet 2022 E3, which made its closest approach to Earth in 50,000 years earlier this year.

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