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Why UAE School Ban Social Media Use For Students In Campus?

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UAE is known for its outstanding quality of education, among other things. And that is a fact that even we can’t deny. Their government is regularly making amendments and changes in the educational sector. One prominent change that took over the news was that the UAE schools have made the decision to ban social media and mobile use for students on campus.

For us, this was also a shocker, as it is for you guys. But, there are certain reasons behind this decision. Surely, you all must be wondering what they are. And that’s why you guys stumbled upon our guide whilst searching for them. Isn’t that true? Well, then, let us tell you that you are in the correct place. That’s what our blog is going to be about today.

Below, we are going to explore all the reasons why the UAE schools made the decision to ban social media on campus. Furthermore, we will also tell you whether or not it made any impact on students. So, what are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling through our guide. But, before that, let us see what the UAE school leaders have to say about this.

Banning Social Media – UAE School Leaders Stance on This

As you guys already know, the UAE government has introduced a social media and mobile phone ban in schools. This rule is currently being followed by all private as well as government schools.

Here is what the school leaders think about this. They consider social media to be a greater part of every individual’s life. They also think it is the best decision in the favour of students. Speaking with the media, Abu Shamat said they have shared this info with the teachers, parents and students. Moreover, every school must implement this rule.

Also, he said that the school organisation has the right to take appropriate actions against the students using social media and mobile phones on campus.

So, this is a whole thought process behind banning social media usage in UAE schools. Now, let us move forward with our guide. And explore the reasons behind UAE’s initiative.

Banning Social Media and Mobile Phones on Campus – 4 Big Reasons Behind This

There are four big reasons why the government took the initiative to ban social media on campus. Surely, you guys must be curious to find out what they are. So, let’s not make you wait any longer. And dive straight away into the reasons.

Reason 1: To Enhance the Academic Focus

The UAE government thinks that the constant use of mobile phones and social media is a big distraction for students. Moreover, in their opinion, it diminishes the student’s focus. And even we agree with this fact. Thus, they decided to ban the use of mobile phones and social media.

By doing this, they want to enhance student’s academic focus. Also, they want to minimise distractions as much as they can during school hours. Additionally, the schools also aim to foster a positive learning environment. So that students can stay motivated while studying.

Reason 2: To Curb CyberBullying

Here comes another reason for banning social media in schools. All of us know that as the usage of social media increases, so does bullying. And it is not new. Well, this is an alarming situation. The UAE government is well aware of this.

That is why they have put such restrictions in place, taking the educators and parents into consideration. By doing so, they aim to provide a safer environment for the students. Moreover, they want to protect students all over the country from cyberbullying, threats and identity theft (which is quite common).

Reason 3: They Want to Promote Face to Face Interactions

While engrossed in social media and smartphones, we always tend to forget that there is a world that exists out there. And that is a fact. No matter how you try, the media is so addictive that we always feel ourselves losing to the virtual world.

Well, the UAE government wants to keep their students free from all of this, especially during school hours. They also want to enhance face-to-face interactions. It also improves the social skills of students. Adding on, they want to teach students the value of personal interactions and the real-life world. Hence, the reason why they have restricted the use of social media and mobile phones on campus during school hours.

Reason 4: They Want to Maintain a Balance Between Technology and Education

UAE schools are well aware of the benefits technology possesses for the students. But they also know about the potential drawbacks. And, thus that is the reason they have taken this step.

They want to maintain a striking balance between education and tech. Thus, they have made certain rules, like only using mobile phones under the supervision of educators, especially on school premises. They, under no circumstances, want to completely cut students off from technology.

So, these are some of the reasons why the government decided to put a ban on using mobile phones and social media on campus. Before moving forward, we would like to say that this topic is such a great one to write your thesis or research paper on. So, if you want, you can seek aid from Cheap Assignment Help UAE Services. They will guide all about this topic. Furthermore, if you want they can write the whole research paper on this. Now, let us see how parents and educators are playing their part in this.

Collab Between Parents and Educators on This

Parents and Educators are quite understanding of this ban. Thus, they have joined hands together to work on this. Parents who want the betterment of their students are supporting these initiatives and regulations. Also to enhance students’ academic performance. And to develop a positive environment, professors are also playing their role well. They are educating students on their potential.

Challenges and Impact on Students

Adapting to this rule is very challenging for the students. But, do you know what? Consulting Dubai Assignment Writers are legal in UAE so they are slowly and gradually getting used to this. Moreover, there is also fantastic news on this. This rule of banning social media has already started showing positive results. Students are now becoming more focused and motivated towards their studies. Also, their grades are also making improvements.

Lastly, in our opinion, this huge step taken by the government of UAE is actually the best one in the education sector.


You have reached the end of our guide, and by now, you guys are aware of the reasons behind the ban on social media and mobile phones. Well, if you ask our opinion on this, then it is an outstanding and strategic step the government of UAE has taken. Because not only it is making the academic performances better. But, also is protecting students from the potential harm.

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