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Understanding and Guarding Against Emotional Cyber Fraud

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has to deal with a new issue these days: in simple words, we can say an emotional cyberfraud. This is when bad people use personal relationships and social media to play with other people’s feelings to trick them online. In this article, we’ll talk about how these online scams work, what they do, and how you can avoid falling for them.

Furthermore, you will find out about this new danger and how to keep yourself safe online. Let’s get started!

Incidence of Emotional Cyber Fraud:

In the UAE, there’s a big increase in a scam called emotional cyberfraud. The bad guys are using social media to learn personal information about individuals. Then they call the person’s relatives and beg for money, saying they are in distress. This fraud dupes individuals by making them fearful or concerned about their loved ones. They rush to help without thinking it through. 

Often, these tricksters pretend to be family members who urgently need help. People end up sending money because they believe it’s for their family. This problem isn’t just happening in the UAE; it’s a worldwide issue. The reason it’s so tricky is that it messes with people’s feelings. This can make them act quickly without checking if it’s really true.

Techniques Used By Scammers:

Scammers are getting smarter and teaming up with bad people who help them hide the money they steal. They use tools like voice changers and make up fake stories to sound real. For example, they might call someone and pretend to be a family member who’s been in an accident and needs money right away. They do this to make the person panic and feel like they have to act fast. 

This makes it tough for the person being tricked to think clearly. These scammers use all the personal information they can find on social media to make their fake stories seem true. They play with people’s emotions to get them to do what they want, like sending money.

Now, let’s have some conversation about the impact of cybercrime!

What’s the Impact of Emotional Cybercrimes?

Emotional cybercrimes really hurt people. When victims get scared and panic, they 

often send money without making sure the story is true. This kind of crime doesn’t just make people lose money; it also makes them feel really upset. It shows how important it is to stay calm and think carefully, even when something seems really scary. Jamal Saleh from the UAE Banks Federation talks about how important it is to check if things are real and not to rush into things. These crimes work because they trick us into thinking we need to help our family or friends fast, which makes them really harmful.

Let’s talk about some examples!

An Important Incident Occurred:

Jamal Saleh told a story about a very careful online user, whom he called a “White Knight” of the internet world. This person had a sizable channel with lots of followers, but a fake email tricked him. The email looked real and said there was a legal problem with one of his videos. He was frustrated and quickly clicked on a link in the email, which turned out to be harmful. This story shows that even people who are usually very careful and know a lot about the internet can make fast mistakes if they let their emotions get in the way. It shows that even smart people can do bad things when they play with their feelings.

Proactive Steps to Take:

To fight these online dangers, experts have some easy but powerful tips. One tip is to move your mouse over the sender’s email address without clicking it. This can show if the email is real or fake.

The UAE is doing more to stop these threats because they know they are getting worse. This kind of threat is stopped thousands of times every day. There are also internet security companies around the world, and the UAE Cyber Security Council is working very hard to stop these risks. It means that the UAE is protecting itself well from cyberattacks since it has a high score on the World Cyber Security Index.

But it’s still very important for everyone to be careful on their own. Being extra careful with emails and when you’re online is a big part of stopping these cybercrimes.

Now move down to the most prominent section!

Targeting the UAE’s Financial Sector:

The UAE is very successful with money, which makes it a big target for cybercriminals. These bad guys often try to attack the UAE’s banks and financial institutions to get money. The leader of the UAE Banks Federation says that because the UAE is so rich, these attacks happen a lot. However, the UAE has one of the best defenses against these threats in the world. They also help other places make their internet safer. Everyone needs to be aware and careful, even though their barriers are very strong. Folks and companies can stay safe from these emotional scams by understanding how hackers do their jobs.


In short, there’s a big increase in emotional cyberfraud in the UAE, and it’s a serious problem. It needs both strong security actions and each person being really watchful. These hackers take advantage of people’s feelings to trick them.

This shows how important it is to check things out and think things through when we use the internet.

The UAE is doing a lot to protect itself from these dangers, and their top-notch security is known around the world. But each of us needs to stay informed and careful too. That’s the best way to keep ourselves safe. We can protect our families and ourselves from con artists who try to manipulate us by learning about them and following simple safety rules


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