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The University for the Creative Arts is a world-class institution dedicated only to the development of innovative thinking and creativity in a variety of subjects. This college, which has campuses in Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, and Rochester, offers a vibrant and dynamic learning environment for students interested in careers in the creative arts. Fine art, fashion, graphic design, photography, animation, architecture, and other areas are covered in the university’s extensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The curriculum is designed to stimulate artistic exploration, critical thinking, and technical ability, assisting students in developing their creative voices and preparing them for successful careers in their chosen disciplines.

Students can participate in projects, job placements, internships, and networking events as a result of these contacts. Through these industrial collaborations, students gain valuable practical experience, build professional networks, and boost their employment prospects. It also hosts a number of industry-led guest lectures, seminars, and exhibits to provide students with insights into current trends and practices in the creative industries.

Courses available

BA/BSc (Hons) Management of Events and Festivals

This degree program includes event and festival management as well as audience experiences. The course was designed and taught by event industry specialists, and you will work directly with venues, artists, audiences, and other industry partners to improve your skills.

MA Fashion Digital

You’ll learn how to design virtual clothing and digitally fit them for a client, whether they’re a runway model for a virtual catwalk, a social media influencer trying to build their following, an online gaming avatar looking for a fashion edge, or a movie character getting a custom costume.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Virtual and Augmented Reality

You’ll learn the fundamentals of immersive technology before working on interesting projects to learn about workplace processes and operations. You’ll have access to powerful computers equipped with Alienware Aurora towers, the most recent RTX 2080 graphics cards, 4k dual-screen displays, Wacom Cintiq graphics tablets, and Unity, and Unreal games engines.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in User Experience Design

This course at the University for the Creative Arts will lay the groundwork for you to expand your educational and theoretical grasp of the global significance and promise of user experience design. Your studies will focus on the main principles and pillars of the industry, such as user research, experience design, interface design, visual design, and information architecture.

Bachelor of Arts in Television Production at the UNIVERSITY FOR THE CREATIVE ARTS

Exploring a range of television genres, from script drama to live production, you’ll combine hands-on practical training with technological study, including idea generation and contextual awareness, to ensure you finish with a diverse skill set.

BA/BSc (Hons) Marketing

This program offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to combine academic excellence with hands-on experience, taught by highly experienced practitioners with connections to some of the industry’s most important companies, including Ogilvy, Adam & Eve, and Anomaly in University for the Creative Arts.

Animation MA

This course in the University for the Creative Arts has students from all around the world with a rich cultural mix  You will start the system as an experienced animator, but you will be encouraged to take risks, try new techniques, widen your horizons, and trade, debate, and discuss ideas.

Architecture Master’s Degree

You will have the opportunity to do specific theme studies such as prototyping, experimenting, re-designing, and constructing, but you will also need to demonstrate expert understanding of your selected subject as well as total mastery of your developed outputs.

MA in Creative Writing

You will receive a complete and self-contained theoretical understanding of modern art, as well as its dynamic relationship to decolonial principles and practices. You will be introduced to critical research approaches that you will utilize in your research project.

Fashion Business & Management BA/BSc (Hons)

You’ll be able to broaden your horizons by choosing from a choice of industry-related optional units, ranging from supply chain management to psychological studies, all with a global perspective, preparing you for a career in local or global markets.


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