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Unveiling the Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Dubai

Apple Watch Series 8

The wait is over! Apple aficionados and tech enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the arrival of the much-anticipated Apple Watch Series 8. This latest addition to the Apple smartwatch lineup has the world buzzing with excitement, thanks to its upgraded health apps, extended battery life, and a myriad of innovative features. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore the specifications of the Apple Watch Series 8 and provide valuable insights into its pricing and availability in Dubai, UAE.

Specifications of Apple Watch Series 8:


Choose your perfect fit with the Apple Watch Series 8, available in two sizes – 41mm and 45mm. Whether you prefer a larger 1.9-inch screen on the 45mm model or a more compact 1.6-inch screen on the 41mm model, the flexibility ensures a personalized experience. The compatibility with any band adds an extra layer of customization for fitness enthusiasts and style-conscious users alike.

Protection & Security: Crash-Detecting Feature

Apple takes safety to a new level with the Series 8. A crash-detecting feature, powered by a force accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope, can identify rollovers, side impacts, and rear-end collisions. The advanced algorithm, trained with extensive real-world driving and crash data, automatically contacts emergency services and designated contacts if no response is received within 10 seconds during a crash.


The always-on retina display, a signature feature of Apple Watches, receives an upgrade in the Series 8. The crystal is crafted from a crack-resistant solid material, ensuring durability. For those conscious about battery life, the watch can be set to low power mode, extending usage up to an impressive 36 hours.


Tailor your Series 8 to your preferences with a choice between aluminum and stainless steel cases. The aluminum models come in midnight, starlight, silver, and red, while the steel case options include gold, silver, and graphite. Elevate your style further with leather and steel straps, created in collaboration with Hermes.

Temperature Sensing:

The Series 8 introduces two sensors for temperature monitoring while sleeping. Placed near the skin on the back of the crystal and under the display, these sensors detect changes in basal temperature every five seconds. The recorded data is securely stored in the Health app for reference.

Women’s Health/Cycle Tracking:

The temperature sensor plays a dual role, offering women regular updates on their health. By detecting fluctuations in temperature during ovulation cycles, Series 8 provides insights into changes in the reproductive system. All data collected is stored securely under Apple’s stringent privacy features.

Technical Specifications:

Feature Specification
Size 45 mm: 396 x 484 pixels;

41 mm: 352 x 430 pixels

Protection & Security Increased crack-resistant and water-resistant display crystal
Display Always-on retina display LTPO OLED
Material Aluminum and stainless steel
Emergency SOS, Car Crash & Fall Detection GPS, Barometer, Accelerometer, Three-axis gyroscope
Health Tracking The blood oxygen sensor, ECG, Heart sensor, Temperature sensor

Availability in Dubai:

Tech enthusiasts in Dubai can rejoice as the Apple Watch Series 8 is readily available at major online retailers, including MI Atlantic. This accessibility ensures that the residents of Dubai can swiftly embrace the future of wearable technology.


As of the latest update, the official Apple Watch Series 8 Price in UAE – Dubai starts at 1300 AE and varies according to model. Additionally, keep an eye out for special promotions and bundles that could make this technological marvel even more enticing. More importantly, you can visit to get discounted prices and deals from Morgan FZ LLC on Watch Series 8.


The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t just a smartwatch; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. With its advanced features, robust security, and elegant design, it’s set to redefine the wearable technology landscape. Stay tuned for the latest updates and promotions, and make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your tech experience with the Apple Watch Series 8.


What are the standout features of the Apple Watch Series 8?

The Series 8 boasts upgraded health apps, an extended battery life, and advanced safety features like crash detection.

Where can I purchase the Apple Watch Series 8 in Dubai – UAE?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is available at major online retailers like MI Atlantic in Dubai. Or you can get your Watch Series 8 from any whole Middle East and UAE cities including Sharjah, RAK, Al Ain & Abu Dhabi.

What factors contribute to the pricing of the Apple Watch Series 8 in Dubai?

Factors such as import duties, taxes, and regional demand influence the pricing in Dubai.

Are there any special promotions or bundles available for the Apple Watch Series 8 in Dubai?

Yes, tech enthusiasts in Dubai can enjoy special promotions and bundles from MI Atlantic AE, making the Series 8 even more enticing.

Are there exclusive offers for Dubai customers at Morgan Ingland FZ LLC?

Yes, Morgan Ingland FZ LLC may offer exclusive deals tailored for Dubai customers, enhancing the overall purchase experience.

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