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Upcoming Developments in Dubai Investment Park – 2023

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Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is a big area for business and industry located in the southern part of Dubai, covering more than 230 million square feet. It started in 2002 and now has over 3,500 companies, including big names like IBM, Audi, Hitachi, and Fujitsu. Located close to Jebel Ali Port and Al-Maktoum International Airport, it’s a key place for businesses from around the world.

Dubai plans to grow Dubai Investment Park into an even bigger global business center. In the next 5 years, they’re investing over $5 billion to add new stuff to the park. This includes new places for businesses, homes, shops, hotels, and fun activities.

Stay tuned as we get into the exciting new projects coming to Dubai Investment Park in 2023. We’ll explore how these developments are set to transform the area into an even more dynamic business and living destination.

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Developments Planned:

The upcoming changes in Dubai Investment Park are all about growing its business areas and making it a bustling place for work and life. They’re planning to add 12 million square feet of new spaces for offices, business centers, and places to store and move goods. For industries, they’re going to build 18 million square feet more for storing stuff and making things.


For people moving there for work, they’re building over 5,000 new apartments. 

Plus, there will be 2 million square feet of places to shop, like big malls and food places. They’re also planning to make over 10,000 rooms in hotels and apartments for people visiting or on business trips.

In the next 5 years, they’re putting in more than $5 billion into these projects. The goal is to make Dubai Investment Park a top choice for businesses that focus on the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

New Commercial Projects:

Dubai Holding has big plans for a new building called Tharawat Icon Tower in Dubai Investment Park. This huge 52-story tower will be for offices and businesses, covering a million square feet. It’s going to be a smart building with the latest technology to support online services and virtual offices. It’s right next to where Expo 2020 was held, which means it’s close to Al-Maktoum International Airport. Big international companies are expected to rent space in this tower.


There’s also another project coming up called Midriv business park. This project, covering 2 million square feet, is being created by Dubai Investments Park Development Company (DIPDC). It’s aiming to attract tech companies, medicine manufacturers, and financial services. The park will have buildings, super-fast internet, meeting centers, and shared services. It’s in a special business area with bonuses for businesses and is close to Jebel Ali Port, making it a great spot for big companies to set up their offices for the region.

Expansion of Industrial Areas:

The Industrial City area in Dubai Investment Park is about to get a lot bigger, growing from 430 hectares to over 800 hectares. This bigger space will be for industries like car making, aviation, electronics, medicine, and food processing. These industries will benefit from being close to Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum Airport, which helps them reach markets in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Companies here will get perks like tax breaks, faster customs, storage options, and the ability to send goods out again.

There’s also a plan for Dubai Wholesale City inside Dubai Investment Park. They want it to be the biggest place for wholesale trade in the Middle East and North Africa, with space for 20,000 traders and retailers across 63 million square feet. This place will help bring down costs for people who buy and sell things in bulk in the region. It will deal with a bunch of different products like electronics, clothes, car parts, and more, aiming to increase wholesale trade in the area.

New Residential Communities:

To meet the growing need for homes due to the increasing number of workers, the Dubai Investment Park Development Company (DIPDC) has started working on 6,000 new places to live. These will be in Rihan Heights, DIP Villas, Anwaa, and Sirat districts. They will have fancy apartments and more homes. People living there will be close to shops, places to eat, schools, and healthcare centers. The areas will be great for families because they’ll have shopping centers, gyms, parks, and play areas, all while being close to where people work.

These housing projects are being built in a way that’s good for the environment, using things like solar power. They’ll also have modern features like charging stations for electric cars, smart systems for homes, and central air conditioning. These homes should be ready between 2022 and 2025. They will offer a lot of housing options for people who work in Dubai.

New Retail and Hospitality:

With more people coming to Dubai Investment Park (DIP), the Dubai Investment Park Development Company (DIPDC) is planning to grow its shopping and hotel areas. They’re going to open two big malls: The Pointe Super Regional Mall and Nakheel Mall. These malls will be big, covering 1.7 million square feet, and will have more than 500 top brands, fancy restaurants, and places for fun. They’re also planning to have nice hotels like Rove Hotels, Premier Inn, and Vida Hotel, with over 1,500 rooms and apartments for people visiting.

Besides that, they’re putting money into making places where people can relax and have fun. They want to build parks, play areas, and spots for health and wellness. These places will be for people to enjoy when they’re not working, covering things like leisure, fitness, and fun. These new additions will make Dubai Investment Park a great place to live, work, and play.

Infrastructure Upgrades:

Dubai Investment Park is growing a lot, and that means they need to make their roads and other services better. They are working on making the roads bigger and better, like a 52 km road that connects Dubai Investment Park and other important roads in MBR City. These big roads will help reduce traffic jams and make it easier for people to get around. They connect the areas where businesses store and make things and join up with big highways to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

They’re also making the Dubai Metro lines better in the area. This will help people living and working there get around more . The place is getting stronger electricity, cooling, water, and sewage systems to make sure everything works well and meets Dubai’s high standards.

Dubai Investment Park’s growth is also focused on being good for the environment. They are using things like solar panels, systems that save energy, and electric cars. This means homes and offices in the area will pollute less, which is better for the planet.


Dubai Investment Park is going through a big change right now, with lots of construction projects happening that cost billions of dollars. They’re building new office buildings, updating areas where factories are, and making new homes and hotels. This is turning it into one of the most modern and ready-for-the-future places in the UAE. They’re also improving the roads, making the metro (train) system better, and updating other important services like water and electricity. This will make it a great place for businesses, creative people, and people who work there to do well. Dubai Investment Park is focusing on building areas where people can live, work, and have fun, all while helping the economy grow. This is what Dubai Investment Park is planning to be like in the future.

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