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What are corporate and brand gits how they work?

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Corporate gifts are personalized products that a company chooses to donate to employees, customers, suppliers, or other stakeholders to support a worthy cause promoted by a non-profit organization. This is where the ethical discussion ends; there are then important practical implications that lead an ever-increasing number of companies to focus on this form of brand gifts for their employees.

Advantages of brand and corporate gifts:

Support the realities that create social inclusion

Choosing targeted brand and corporate gifts from the management of a company means concretely supporting those entities that operate in the social sector, contributing to promoting the social inclusion of fragile people and people with intellectual disabilities, job inclusion for migrant and detained people, rewarding farmers who respect the land and choose organic crops or to strengthen the networks of associations that operate in the areas confiscated from the mafia.

Increasing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Showing (and certifying) your commitment to the community also means implementing your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), i.e. a company policy capable of combining profit with attention to the environment and society, with a view to a sustainable future. This undoubtedly helps improve the company’s reputation and build positive relationships with customers, employees and local communities.

They enhance the relationship between the company and its collaborators

A corporate gift that the company offers to its employees gratifies the latter but is also and above all a choice that contributes to creating a relaxed working environment, transmitting the strength of shared values. Being part of a company that is committed to supporting important humanitarian causes is a source of pride for all workers and leads to increasing the loyalty of its collaborators.

Strengthen brand identity

Brand gifts can also be used as a form of marketing: by featuring the company logo, these products help strengthen the company brand identity, especially if supported by social and media campaigns.


Diagonal Horizon platform specialized in supportive and sustainable corporate and brand gifts. It offers already assorted packages as well as the possibility to choose from over 1000 products of social agriculture, prison economy and inclusive craftsmanship. Gifts that allow you to increase your company’s sustainability index and ESG indicators, choosing which values ​​to share with personalized messages to send to your customers, employees or suppliers. In conjunction with the purchase of corporate and brand gifts, Diagonal Horizon will provide the Impact Assessment which will certify the contribution of the purchase made by your company.

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