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What are the advantages of Loughborough University?

Loughborough University

Loughborough University is one of the finest universities in the United Kingdom. It is popular amongst foreign students who are growing from year to year. The reasons why one should go for Loughborough are important to know. Below are some of the advantages of studying at Loughborough University: 

  • It is all about academic prowess: Loughborough University is known for being a regular fixture across the top 10 of the major university league tables. In the year 2019, the first institution is named University of the Year twice by The Times as well as Sunday Times. It was awarded the same tile at the 2020 WhatUni Student Choice Awards. One can specialize in apprenticeships or go with the undergrad degrees at the college. Whatever you choose, you can have the best time at the university. 
  • Great sports facilities: The sports facilities at this place are quite amazing. Whether you are an athlete or just want to stay fit, you can find various facilities to make your day. There are two gyms, a high-performance athletics centre, an Olympic standard swimming pool, a tennis court, a badminton court, a squash court, 4G rugby, and football pitches. There are many other sports facilities over here. in this college you will not only be offered the best student accommodation Loughborough, but also great sports facilities. 
  • Rich student life: The atmosphere on the campus is one of the best advantages of this university. the student union over here is controlled independently where you can find clubs and also different events. The student life over here is not only events as well as clubs. Here are different lecture halls, science labs, a large library, an art centre, two theatres and so much more. In addition to it, the students can really enjoy the rich cultural life of the campus. 
  • Affordability: You can ask any of the students for their top advantages of studying in the city. The cost of living is really what one should look for. Loughborough is known for being an affordable city. it was awarded as the Best Return on Investment in the Country by an independent study from the Expert Market. This will take into account all the income opportunities for all the graduates when compared to the cost of tuition, student accommodation near Loughborough University as well as living. Choose the location right as one can provide you with the best access to different bustling major UK cities as well as Loughborough itself has a small city feel where you can find a wide range of opportunities for shopping and eating. It is still a market town which is reflected in the price of the rent and also the cost of food, drinks as well and amenities.
  • They care about sustainability: At Loughborough, you can find a careful environment. They are also passionate about creating a sustainable campus that makes a positive impact on the surrounding communities. They have planted 7500 trees to preserve precious wildlife or use fewer disposable cups. They have been working towards reducing the shared carbon footprint. Loughborough is known for being the largest single-site campus across the country at 175 hectares. It is a whopping three-quarters of the land is really green and the space over here is open. They are incredibly proud of the campus and it may come as no surprise to hear that it’s been internationally recognized as one of the best green spaces across the UK
  • It is ideally located: Based in the heart of England, you will get road connectivity, rail, and air transportation right on the doorstep. Loughborough town has everything you can ask for at the best price. If you want to go for a bigger city trip, then you can hop on a train to Leicester or Nottingham.
  • It is a dynamic city: Loughborough is one of the largest towns across Leicestershire. The city is known for everything you look for a comfortable as well as busy life for the students. in the city, there are not only cinemas, cafes, or restaurants. But the good location and developed a beautiful infrastructure that provides easy access to other cities.
  • There are restaurants and pubs: Loughborough is known for its smorgasbord of cultures as well as cuisines that are reflected in its excellent selection of restaurants. Whether you fancy Indian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and more, here you can find something or other to suit everyone’s taste. You will also be sure to look for something tasty regardless of one’s budget. Be it a homely local pub across the charming town centre or extravagant Michelin-star restaurants across the surrounding city.

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