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What Is Freelance Visa In UAE: The Complete Guide 2023

What Is Freelance Visa In UAE

Freelancers can choose their work hours and location, a trend that grew during the pandemic. This situation showed that working from home can be effective and beneficial. It also boosted the gig economy unexpectedly. Now, freelancers can get visas to work legally in different countries more easily.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are great places to live and work, which makes the UAE a good choice for workers. The UAE government gives residents a worker pass and outsiders a freelance visa, which is great for people who want to work there.

If you’re interested in a Dubai freelance visa, this guide is helpful for you. Let’s get started!


Your Easy Guide to Freelancing in UAE: Important Things To Remember

Below we’ve categorized everything in detail so things might be easier for every person to understand. 

Freelance Visa vs. Freelance Permit:

Want to start working on your own in the UAE or Dubai? Not sure if you need a special visa or license for freelancers, or maybe both? Let’s understand the difference.

Freelance Permit (Freelance License):

If you’re already living in the UAE, you don’t need a visa. Someone in your family, your spouse, or your job sponsors you. Maybe you work full-time in the UAE but want to start your own side work. You’ll need a special license for this, called a freelance license. This license lets you work by yourself, like having your own small business. People who already live in the UAE use this license.


Freelance Visa:

In places like Dubai, a freelance visa is like a living permit. But first, you need to get a freelance permit. Once you have this permit, you can ask for a freelance visa. This visa lets you live and work in the UAE on your own, without being attached to a 

specific job.

Now, one of the most asked question:

Freelance Visa vs. Residence Visa:

So, what’s the difference between a freelance visa and a regular living visa? The freelance visa is a newer thing. You get it through a freelance permit. You don’t need a job or someone to sponsor you for this visa. You just need your own skills and maybe some certificates. Now what you need to know next, 

Free Zone:

When looking into freelancing in the UAE, you’ll hear about “free zones.” What are these? Free zones in the UAE are special business areas. They have their own rules and are great for businesses from outside the country. They let you own your business completely. Plus, you don’t have to pay certain business or income taxes, and you get some breaks on customs fees.”

Where In The UAE Can You Get A Freelance Permit Or Visa?


If you live in the UAE, you can get a special permit to work by yourself (freelance) from the Dubai Development Authority. It costs AED 7500. But if you don’t live in the UAE, you need to pay AED 7500 for the permit, AED 2000 every year for a card, and extra for a freelance visa.

The UAE government lets people get a freelancer visa in different ways, like through “free zones.” These are special areas where you can apply online for freelance visas and permits. In these zones, each place has its own rules and job types for freelancers.


In Abu Dhabi, there’s a place called twofour54. It’s a free zone where freelancers can work. Ras Al Khaimah has its own zone too, the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone. Dubai has several zones: Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Knowledge Park, and Dubai Design District. Ajman also has the Ajman Free Zone.

People often want to live and work on their own in Dubai. In Dubai, there are special areas for this. Dubai Internet City is for tech businesses. Dubai Media City is famous for big media companies. Dubai Knowledge Park focuses on training and HR. Dubai Design District is all about art and design.


To make it easier to get a freelancer visa in Dubai, there’s a website called GoFreelance. You can apply for freelance licenses and visas here. But remember, in Dubai’s free zones, they mostly look for people in tech, media, and design. So, check if your job fits in these fields before applying for a freelance license in Dubai.

What Jobs Can Get You a Freelancer Visa?


Good news! Lots of jobs can help you get a visa to work on your own in Dubai. Let’s see what kinds of work can get you this special visa.

Media Jobs:

If you like creating things, you’re in luck. Jobs in media, like writing, designing graphics, drawing, studying market trends, writing scripts, being an influencer on social media, making websites, and more, can help you get your visa.

Tech Jobs Are you into tech? 

Jobs like making software, building websites, studying data, and helping customers can qualify you for a visa in Dubai.

Education Jobs

Do you like teaching or research? Jobs in education, like advising on e-learning, can help you get your visa.

Design Jobs 

If you’re artistic, there are design jobs that can help, like making concepts, designing costumes, interiors, or jewelry.

Documents for a Freelance Permit and Visa:

Here’s what you need to know about the requirements. Stay Tuned!

Required Documents for UAE Residents:

We’ve arranged the things in a step by step manner. Below you will understand the what you have been required:

  • An application form.
  • A bank reference letter.
  • A ‘No Objection Certificate’ if needed.
  • Copies of your passport and residency visa.
  • For education jobs, you need proof of your school qualifications approved by the right authorities.
  • For media jobs, you should have a collection of your past work.

That’s it! With these, you can start working on your own in Dubai!”

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