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What is Living Expenses in Kingston for students?

Living Expenses in Kingston

Kingston, better known as Kingston upon Thames, is a town situated on the River Thames in England. It is a city where people from all parts of the world come for different reasons among which a major one is higher education. Every year, a huge rush of international students can be witnessed in Kingston upon Thames. Kingston University and Kingston College are two famous institutions here.

The living expenses in Kingston upon Thames are 2.46% less than in London. Here are some details of living expenses in Kingston.

Cost of Student Accommodation

In Kingston, you can rent accommodation in a student housing or private apartment. In student housing, you can get accommodation at a price as low as £189 per week. The highest price of student accommodation in Kingston may be around £459 per week.

If you are willing to rent accommodation in a private apartment, then you can get it at a price as low as £2,412 per month. The highest-priced accommodation in a private apartment in Kingston is available at around £8,677 per month.

Cost of Meals in Restaurants

In an inexpensive restaurant in Kingston, you can have a meal at £23.50. In a midrange restaurant, a meal for two people is available at £70. In McDonalds in Kingston, McMeal is available at £6.

Cost of Groceries

Groceries are necessary items for daily life, so their costs are worth mentioning.

You can buy 1 litre of milk in Kingston at £1.14. A loaf of fresh white bread (500 grams) can be acquired at £1.02. You can buy 1 kg of white rice at £1.57. One kilogram of local cheese is available at £4.81.

In fruits, 1 kg of apples can be bought at £2.06 in Kingston upon Thames. Bananas (1 kg) can be purchased at £1.75. For 1 kg of oranges, you need to pay £2.69.

In vegetables, £1.98 is the price of 1 kg of tomatoes. One kilogram of potatoes can be available at £1.16. For 1 kg of onions, you are required to pay £1.18.

Cost of Travel in Kingston

For a single bus trip in Kingston, students need to spend £1.40 with an Oyster card and £2.40 without an Oyster card. Besides, for a single journey within Zone One of the London Underground, students are required to spend £2.10 with an adult Oyster card and £4.50 without an Oyster card.

Kingston University offers free intercity bus service, which also students can use. Some student housing properties may have free shuttle services for the university or college.

Costs of Clothing and Shoes

For one pair of Levis 501 or similar jeans, you need to pay £71.25. You can buy 1 summer dress in a chain store (Zara, H&M, etc.) at £51.67. One pair of Nike Running Shoes (midrange) can be obtained at £58.75.

Final Thoughts

The abovementioned ones are the tentative prices in Kingston upon Thames. There may be some difference when you will reach there.

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