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What is the cost of living in Frankfurt for students?

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Frankfurt is one of the largest cities in Germany and it is the country’s major financial hub too. A stunning metropolis, it gleams beautifully. The city is home to a wide range of state-of-the-art construction as well as world-class museums and art galleries, historic structures, and much more.

It is the second-largest metropolitan area in the nation after the Rhine-Ruhr Region. This place is one of the significant financial hubs on the European continent and it is home to the headquarters of different financial organizations. It is also known to have the busiest airports in Germany. 

Student life in Frankfurt

People from different parts of the world come to the city to study. This kind of atmosphere of the residents prevents one from missing home. There is a wide range of options for places to stay for students of homestays, private lodging, university residence halls, and so on. Since these are affordable and are added with all the modern conveniences, the majority of the students like to stay in private student housing. They are close to the university and the city center which is basically home to a wide range of entertaining establishments comprising wine bars and traditional pubs. You can go to Kleine Bockenheimer Strabe where you can go to the fantastic jazz clubs, if you want to socialize. There are some of the best student accommodation Frankfurt which includes a lot of great amenities. 

Cost of living for the students

Before you apply, it is important to be aware of the living expenses and related study fees wherever the aspiring student selects to study in the city. The good news is that living expenses in the city are very affordable for all the students, especially providing the best education available. The normal rent in Frankfurt is about € 1089.30 where the food will add up to € 31.77. Phone as well as internet charges for the students are €180 and €27, respectively. 

Cost of food 

If one is not a natural cook, then one has to learn how to cook independently. Eating out at Frankfurt is not one of the best ways to save money. these days, a dinner for two people in a typical restaurant can cost around €45 on average. Lunch at the smaller restaurant can cost around 8 to 14 €. One can get informal dessert or beverage which results in a greater price. For example, a half-litre German beer costs €4. For a cappuccino, you need to pay around €3. However, this will vary per one’s taste and liking. 

Cost of transportation

Frankfurt is known to have affordable transportation costs. Most of Germany is known to have an excellent public transportation system which can be used to travel to work in one of the towns if one cannot drive or doesn’t have a car. 

Cost of Mobile Service 

In Germany, cell phones are rationally priced in totaling to home internet. There are four primary service providers and each of them offers plans in different price ranges. Many other contractors outsource their services to one of the major providers while advertising their services under their names. 

Frankfurt city in germany

Average cost of living

  • 1 bedroom apartment in the city center: €1131
  • 1 bedroom apartment outside the city center: €856
  • Meal in an inexpensive restaurant: €14
  • One-way ticket: €2.85
  • Monthly pass: €93
  • Electricity, heating, cooling, water, etc: €332
  • Fitness club: € 45

Types of student accommodation in Frankfurt 

PBSAs are quite well-liked amongst the college students who travel to Frankfurt for higher education. You can select from a wide range of room kinds in such student housing options which depends completely on your needs and budget. If you need more solitude, select the student studio. Or you can also choose an en-suite room where there is a private bedroom but also a shared kitchen and living area. The accommodations comprise all the contemporary amenities like the laundry room, bike storage, microwave, TV, dishwasher, and more. The nicest thing about such housing options is that they are close to both the campus as well as important hangout areas. There is a wide range of accommodation available over here. 

Activities in Frankfurt

The church was Germany’s first democratic parliament and, attracted a wide range of tourists. There are an entire neighborhood of museums and a wide range of attractions. The cathedral houses the Baroque Assumption Altar which is around 14th century choir seats and also a 15th century mural depicting the life of Mary. Do not forget to stroll across the city’s cutest square. It is surrounded by some of the beautiful medieval homes, historic churches and also some office buildings. You can do a lot more activities over here. You can find many things which will interest you and won’t cost you a lot of money also. 

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