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What Is Tourism Dirham Fee:What Expect If Traveling Dubai

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Experience Dubai’s Soul

Every person knows that Dubai is the diamond of the UAE, famous for its name the land of beauty . This destination of the United Arab Emirates works as a magnet that engages tourists all over the world. 

Why is it so attractive? This is because of its buildings that have the ability to touch the heavens as well as its expensive hotels make this city-state one of the top global icons all over the globe. Impressive!

For Further Development: Dubai has recognized some of the new fees and taxes that will be employed by the time. Unlike we could say in 2023. So hope you understand the purpose!

To make things for our potential audience, we’re going to discuss in this article about this tourism dirham fee and the important discussion which is What You Can Expect When Visiting To Dubai

Let’s get started!

Before going forward we have researched important things which we’ll have to keep in your mind.

“Organizations including hotels, restaurants and apartments could have the ability to demand these following taxes”

  • Room tax: 10%
  • Service charge: 10%
  • Municipality fees: 10%
  • City tax: 6-10%
  • Tourism fee: 6%

The following taxes are the accurate information we’ve collected after doing research so you don’t have to be worried about the correctness. It’s cool! 

Dubai Tourist Fee:

In 2023, Dubai recognized a new fee for people who are staying in hotels and resorts. It’s 5% of the total room cost and applies to all kinds of places to stay.

The purpose behind this is to assist the city thrive, improve tourism destinations, and promote sustainable tourism.

Value Added Tax (VAT):

Dubai’s Value Added Tax (VAT) has increased from 5% to 10%. 

Food, shopping, and entertainment may become more expensive for tourists which could result from this move. Moreover, visitors should keep this in mind when they decide to make plans in Dubai.

Now we’re moving forward to the important one!

Tourism Dirham Fee:

There’s another fee for travelers called the Tourism Dirham Fee. It varies based on where you stay means your destination point which is calculated from AED 7 to AED 20 each night. 

Generally, the hotel demands this fee when you check out. This money helps make Dubai’s tourism places and services better.

Hope whatever you learn will be beneficial for you…

What To Expect When Traveling To Dubai:

If you’re planning to travel in dubai you could probably have some expectations . Now we’re going to discuss what you can expect from this beautiful city-state. Let’s go!

To make things clear! We’ve arranged the expectations in the form of bullet points let’s dive in it:

Higher Prices:

Because of the higher VAT and the new Dubai Tourist Fee, visitors might need more money during their stay. It’s really a preferable thought to plan your budget well to avoid unexpected costs.

Reservations In Advance:

Think about booking your hotel and activities ahead of time to save money.

Many hotels and tour companies provide discounts for reserving ahead of time, which might assist handle the increased prices.

Infrastructure Changes: 

Dubai thinks that it will make things better by applying the new fees which means based on the reports roads of different cities as well as buildings and services will enhance.  Travelers will have a nicer and more enjoyable time because of these improvements.

Tourism for the Future:

Dubai is working to be a more eco-friendly and responsible place to visit. The fees will go to this work. More efforts to protect the environment and encourage responsible tourism should be expected by visitors.

Impressive Destinations

Even with the new fees, Dubai’s famous places like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Palm Jumeirah are still impressive like it’s really cool. Also this  city-state has many unique attractions for tourists that are genuinely worth paying. 

Friendly Accommodation:

People in Dubai are known for being friendly and welcoming. This city is a cultural melting pot, and its residents make it an unforgettable trip for visitors.

Protection of Tourists:

Dubai cares a lot about keeping visitors safe. They have strong guidelines in place, especially given this ongoing global pandemic, to ensure that tourists have a safe and happy journey.


Hope you will have the ability to plan again whether you want to visit the UAE or not. It depends on your decision. 


In my final words, even if there will be extra and more fees as well as higher VAT in Dubai in 2023, it is still an excellent place to visit.

Travelers may enjoy Dubai’s skyline and rich culture by planning and budgeting ahead of time. These taxes will help Dubai continue to thrive and maintain its popularity as an amazing tourist destination.

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