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Where and how to sell used furniture online?

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Selling your old furniture, whether it is living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, or office furniture, is difficult, and it is for several reasons that we will see below.

The good news is that thanks to the Used furniture buyers in Dubai, it is easier than ever.

You will need, mainly, two things: first, offer a product attractive enough to compete with cheap new furniture. Second, you will have to promote your furniture with attractive advertisements that arouse the desire of the largest possible number of potential buyers.

And if you would like to sell them even faster and at a better price, you could consider restoring them or simply changing the color of the wood to make them more interesting.

Why is it so difficult to sell second-hand furniture online?

There are many reasons.

One of them, perhaps the most obvious, is that today you can find new furniture at really affordable prices.

They may not be furniture that will last a lifetime, but they serve their purpose and are usually beautiful.

Another reason is transportation, which is more expensive than traditional parcel delivery, and not only because of the weight.

Most of the time, shipping a piece of furniture through a shipping company is tremendously expensive due to the volume it occupies, especially if it cannot be disassembled.

And, third and final reason, most people, when they sell used furniture, invest just enough time in preparing the advertisement or publicity.

Imagine a furniture store with dark, crooked photos made in a hurry but with little desire.

No matter how nice what they sell is, would you buy it?

On the Internet, we buy by price, but also with our eyes.

For that reason, it is so important that you put some care and affection into your ads if you want to sell.

Having seen the problems, let’s now talk about the solutions.

Calculate the fair price

  • Evaluate your used furniture objectively.
  • The furniture you want to sell is likely like new.
  • But that does not change the fact that it is a second-hand piece of furniture, not new, and, to sell it, you will have to set a price that represents a clear benefit for whoever considers buying it.

Choose the appropriate portal or portals to sell your second-hand furniture

You have several options to sell your used furniture.

The best known are Wallapop, Milanuncios and Segundamano.

But you have more alternatives, which we will now discuss.

The idea is that you publish your furniture on two or three sites and that you do so thinking about the type of furniture you want to sell, its price and the person you think could buy it.

The first alternative is your social networks.

If you have an Instagram or Facebook account, don’t miss the opportunity to share the sale of your furniture.

Instead of uploading it to the feed, take advantage, for example, of Reels or Stories.

You likely have someone you know who is looking for furniture like the one you sell and you don’t know it.

The second option is specialized portals.

On the Internet, some pages are selling second-hand furniture and decoration items, whose audience is specifically looking for furniture.

This is the case of furniturealcoste.es.

The third option, if you search in your area, you will find companies dedicated to the purchase of second-hand furniture.

In Barcelona, ​​for example, you have vendemismuebles.es.

And finally, you can sell your used furniture and appliances to Mr Second Hand.

The main difference from other portals is that Mr. Second Hand is aimed mainly at decorators, Home Stagers, and decoration lovers.

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