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Where Can You Find the Best Ways to Lose Weight?

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Lose Weight

Losing weight requires decreasing calories without sacrificing taste and satisfaction. Keeping track of your eating habits helps — whether using an app or keeping a paper food journal.

Include filling protein (eggs, nuts, hummus, lower-fat milk and yogurt), healthy fats (olive oil, avocados and most vegetables), fibre and heart-healthy carbohydrates in every meal.


People who exercise regularly have an easier time best ways to lose weight. That’s because regular physical activity burns calories. It also helps reduce stress, which can lead to binge eating. It’s important to talk with a doctor before starting any new exercise program. Once you have the green light, try to incorporate both aerobic (“cardio”) exercise and muscle-building exercises into your routine.

Aerobic exercise is any type of movement that increases your heart rate for an extended period of time. This can include playing team sports, jogging, swimming or taking aerobic classes. Aerobic exercise doesn’t build muscles as well as strength training, but it burns calories quickly and is effective for weight loss.

Aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a week, with two or more workout sessions including muscle-building exercises. In addition, incorporate “fat-burning” exercises into your workouts like burpees. These high-intensity movements can burn up to 50% more fat than traditional strength training.

If you’re struggling to find the time to fit exercise into your busy schedule, consider carpooling with a friend or taking public transportation to work and walking the last mile of the journey. Another way to get in some exercise is by taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. You can also find fun workout videos and apps that offer a variety of exercises.


The right diet can provide a boost to your weight loss efforts. It should be based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and tailored to your individual needs. It should be high in fibre and include low-sugar, lower-fat dairy, and “healthy” fats such as olive oil, rapeseed oil or sunflower seed oil. It should also include fish and vegetables, and be rich in protein.

There are many different diets available, but it is important to choose one that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Think about your past experience with dieting and consider how much time you want to spend on meal planning and cooking. Consider whether you are happy to do your diet on your own or would like to join a group for support and accountability.

To help you understand your current habits, try keeping a food diary for a few days. This can help you spot unhealthy patterns and identify areas where you may be able to make changes. It’s also a good idea to track your physical activity [PDF-51KB], sleep and emotions. Keeping tempting foods out of sight can be helpful too. Eating on a regular schedule and drinking plenty of water can help you avoid eating when you’re not hungry. Keep a bowl of fruit on hand for quick, low-kilojoule snacks. Also, be sure to drink a glass of water when you feel thirsty to prevent dehydration.


Keeping your body well-nourished is essential to losing weight, especially as you increase physical activity. Focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods and limiting added sugars and saturated fats. Choose lean proteins (such as skinless chicken or beans), whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Avoid empty calories (such as those found in sodas and candy) and eat small portions. Drink plenty of water to hydrate. Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger, so drinking water can help you eat less.

If you aren’t sure how many calories your body needs, talk to your Baptist Health doctor. They can recommend a diet that is appropriate for your age and activity level.

Start by tracking everything you eat and drink for a few days in a food diary or app. This will allow you to understand your current habits and identify areas where you can make changes. You can also track your physical activity [PDF-51KB] and sleep to better understand your overall lifestyle habits.

Try to fill up on nutrient-rich foods, such as lean protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy. Choose healthy fats, such as those from olive oil and nuts, and limit the amounts of salt, sugar and saturated fat you consume. Fiber is also important, and it can be found in a variety of plants including artichokes, green peas, beans, broccoli and raspberries.

Stress Management in Lose Weight

Stress management techniques such as exercise and meditation can have a big impact on weight loss and overall health. A study found that incorporating mindfulness and relaxation into one’s daily routine can lower cortisol levels, which can lead to weight gain and an inability to lose weight.

When your body is under stress, the hormone cortisol slows down digestion and promotes fat storage around the abdomen. This can cause a person to feel hungrier and make poor food choices, which leads to weight gain. Chronic stress may also increase a person’s risk for heart disease and high blood pressure.

Incorporating stress-reduction practices into a daily routine may help a person better understand the root causes of their unhealthy habits. This can include identifying triggers and learning to respond differently to stressful situations. It may also involve focusing on the reasons why a person wants to lose weight – writing them down can be a great way to confirm their commitment and support their goals.


Other ways to manage stress and lose weight include tracking one’s food and drink intake in a food diary, getting adequate sleep and being mindful of a healthy diet. These strategies may be more effective than traditional weight loss programs. Having a health professional guide you through these techniques may help you stay on track and achieve weight loss success.

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