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Your Guide to the UAE Family Visit Visa

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UAE Family Visit Visa

Planning a trip to visit family in the United Arab Emirates? As a visitor, you’ll need to apply for a family visit visa to enter and stay in the UAE legally. In this blog, we’ll break down everything 9th graders need to know about the UAE family visit visa. You’ll learn about costs, how to apply for free entry permits, documents required, eligibility rules, visa terms, and more. With this guide, getting your UAE family visit visa will be smooth and hassle-free!

What is the Family Visit Visa?

The family visit visa allows eligible family members of UAE residents to enter and temporarily stay in the UAE. With this visa, you can spend quality time with your relatives who live in the Emirates for up to 30 days.

It is sponsored by your resident relative – they apply on your behalf to bring you over. Once approved, the visa gets added to your passport. Some key things it allows:

  • Enter the UAE through any port
  • Stay for up to 30 days
  • Exit and re-enter multiple times within the validity
  • Visit anywhere in the UAE

Having the correct visa prevents issues and fines at immigration.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

These family members can get a family visit visa:

  • Spouse
  • Children (under 18)
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents

Everyone must have a valid passport. Your UAE sponsor can only apply for immediate relatives. For example, they can sponsor parents but not aunts/uncles.

Cost of applying for The Visa

The family visit visa costs about AED 600 per person including processing fees. It costs nothing extra if you apply for multiple family members together.

Your UAE sponsor pays for your visa fees as the applicant. You just reimburse them later once you arrive.

How to Get Visit Visas Without Fees

But don’t worry – people with annual incomes under AED 20,000 can bring family over without paying fees!

Options are:

  • Entry Permit: Sponsor can request free 30-day entry permits yearly for 5 relatives.
  • Visa on Arrival: 50 eligible nationalities can get free visas on arrival when visiting family residing in the UAE.

Your UAE host will know the free permit options they can apply for based on their status and nationality.

Documents Required for The Visa

These documents are required for the UAE family visit visa:

  • Sponsor’s passport copy
  • Sponsor’s Emirates ID copy
  • Digital photo of each visitor
  • Copy of visitor’s passport data page
  • Proof of sponsor’s income for free permits
  • Relationship proof like marriage or birth certificate

Work with your sponsor to assemble a complete application package for high approval odds.

How to Apply for The Family Visit Visa

Applications are submitted online. Follow these steps:

  1. Sponsor gathers required documents.
  2. Sponsor fills application on the ICA website.
  3. System generates the application fees.
  4. Fees are paid online by credit card.
  5. Application is submitted electronically.
  6. Visa gets approved within 5 working days usually.
  7. Sponsor receives visa by email.
  8. Sponsor sends you the visa to print out.

It’s a quick and easy online process!

Family Visit Visa Validity and Duration

The UAE family visit visa allows a validity period of 30 days from entry.

Its validity is calculated from:

  • Date of first entry for single entry visa
  • Date of each entry for multiple entry visa

You can extend the visa validity to 60 days total for a fee if needed. But you can only stay a maximum of 30 continuous days.

Exit and re-enter during validity to maximize the duration!

Traveling With the Family Visit Visa

With a multiple-entry visit visa, you can exit and re-enter the UAE multiple times during the 30-day validity period.

Each time you re-enter, you get another 30-day stay from that new entry date.

This allows longer total stays by doing visa runs to nearby Oman or Qatar on weekends.

But don’t overstay – hefty fines apply!

What’s Allowed on The Visa

As a family visit visa holder, you can:

  • Freely visit anywhere in the UAE
  • Use public transport like buses, metro, and taxis
  • Book hotels and temporary accommodations
  • Drive using an international or UAE license
  • Access emergency medical care at hospitals if needed
  • Take photos and videos for personal use
  • Participate in tourist activities and attractions

Enjoy your family time in the UAE without restrictions!

What’s Not Allowed on the Visa

However, you cannot:

  • Work or volunteer in any capacity
  • Study or attend educational institutions
  • Obtain a driver’s license or open a bank account
  • Apply for permits like liquor license or Emirates ID
  • Buy or register vehicles
  • Get involved in political activities
  • Overstay beyond the allowed 30 days

Breaking rules may lead to fines, jail time or bans from entering again.

How to Extend Your Family Visit Visa

If 30 days isn’t enough time with your UAE family, you can apply to extend your visa.

Ways to extend include:

  • Additional 30 days – Pay fees to extend up to 60 days total
  • Back-to-back visas – Exit and get a new 30-day visa from your host
  • Long-term visa – Apply for a long-term residence visa

Discuss extension options with your host early and prepare any paperwork.


We hope this guide has simplified the UAE family visit visa. You can avoid hassles by planning in advance, getting documents ready, applying online, following rules, and considering extension options. Spend quality time with your UAE-based relatives exploring Emirati culture, food, shopping, and adventure!


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